SCATTA R.Pee - Artist, Writer, CEO


Scatta R.Pee is a founding member of Truth-or-Square out of Trenton NJ. For the last 8 years Scatta R.Pee began to set up the release of his brand of Hip-Hop Music. With 4 mix tapes under his belt, earlier in the year 2009, he released his first solo album effort. Entitled, Jawanda:E.C.M-Authenticness, on Spitatainment/Ownlane Records Llc ℗©, executive produced by: Scatta R.Pee & Divine Drummah. And a few years later, he had released his sophomore album effort entitled, Da Powa of Now, on Ownlane/ Spitatainment Llc ℗©2013, again executive produced by Scatta R.Pee & Divine Drummah and as of the beginning of 2013 he became part of the Topmics Tour, for one year. In March of 2014 Scatta R.Pee released another project called thee ORGANIC ep also on Ownlane/ Spitatainment Records Llc. From 2014 to 2016 Scatta R.Pee has had over 30 Mixtape appearances. In 2016 the 5th mixtape was released, 25/8 the Mixtape Best of SCATTA R.Pee hosted by Galafati Music. And currently released a new single in 2017, "MEDICINE" from forthcoming project, Da AgriCulture produced by Divine Drummah.