This past Sunday on RAP IS OUTTA CONTROL with DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz on SHADE45 / SiriusXM satellite radio played that first official single "MEDICINE" from Hip Hop recording/ performing artist SCATTA R.Pee produced by DIVINE DRUMMAH off the forthcoming project, Da Agriculture on Ownlane / Spitatainment / Bumgang (p)(c)2018. Just want to say the entire staff over at SHADE45/Sirius satellite radio , thanks alot and get ready for the next record. Hip Hop Show

The Latest from Hip Hop recording / performing artist SCATTA R.Pee is his 5th studio project to date , to be released on All Digital Platforms as well as some Physical copies . The forthcoming material is called, DA AGRICULTURE ,  tracks by DIVINE DRUMMAH and Original , released on OWNLANE | SPITATAINMENT , distr. by DPK (p)(c) 2018.

The first official single off the forthcoming 5th studio album from SCATTA R.Pee , track produced by DIVINE DRUMMAH. Video Directed by QUEST GOD , S/O to Majesty King Jay , SilverJames/ Frank Brown , KING DON , Health Is Wealth , Bum Gang , Brian K. Smith (TRACK-HOUSE Studios) , SirBlody I 720 Degreez , Brainiak GFX , Trenton NJ.

It's the Nerve DJ's 15th year annual music conference (welcome to the CLE celebration) as they do what they do this time around in Cleveland, Ohio. September the 28th - the 30th. 

#Jersey I truly appreciate the Artists who've submitted material the last 2 weeks for the upcoming JERSEY ALL di Mixtape project being presented by Galafati Music Group , Ownlane/Spitatainment, and Conradz Productions. There's Only 2 #SLOTS Left for the Mixtape which will dropping on like 50 Different Websites.  So Send in the Songs for review to: 
                                                                                ( )

#GFX by : BrainiakGFX 

Up and coming comedian straight outta Trenton NJ, FRANK BROWN did an excellent job tonight on that stage at Treasure's Hall in Philadelphia, PA. His stage presence, and the way he transitions from one joke into the next is a sure sign of his natural funniness talents. Keep your eye's on this funny mother fucking comedian, funny man , crazy ass dude who continue's to move forward with more thing's in store.

In the photo, : SCATTA R.Pee , FRANK BROWN , Tabu . Photo courtesy of #BrownSoul Photography 

On the Set of the latest music video from SCATTA R.Pee  "Medicine" , produced by Divine Drummah which is the first official single off the forthcoming album Da Agriculture being released by Ownlane/ Spitatainment and all digital platforms 2018 (p)(c). 

Video Directed by: Quest DaGod * , Photo courtesy of BrownSoul Photography 

For your next event need it be opening a show, filling in a slot, video or movie extra, headlining, walk throughs, speaking engagements, song features, and or songs for hire, Link Up !

Hip Hop producer extraordinaire DIVINE DRUMMAH is at again with another funky ass instrumental album release for those that can relate to this caliber of Hip Hop production. Extremely Boom Bap and nothing short or less than that, so get your ear's together or ready for a continuous head bopping, face frowning experience like you've never witnessed. BATTERY ACID , available now on BandCamp.

Hip Hop recording/ performing artist SCATTA R.Pee meets for the 1st time , after years of speaking over the internet or through online campaigns (owner/ceo of Coast 2 Coast Mixtape's) as well as owner of Miami LIVE,  Lil Fats. This moment happened ah minutes before I had the opportunity to grace the stage down in the 305 Miami Fl., at one of the Dopest venue to perform in Miami LIVE on Sat., July 14, 2018. Which happens to be SCATTA R.Pee's born day , hosted by and sound provided by DJ Killa K shouts out him.

Once again - RRP: "Different Times," which is produced by Divine Drummah, is the second single off SCATTA R.Pee's forthcoming album Da Agriculture. Release date for the album will be announced soon. Big up MP3Waxx and the entire staff , as well as everyone over at RAPREVIEWS predicate you All.  

Yes indeed when think of head bopping, frown your face , and close ya eye's type of beats, music, or songs coming from a Hip Hop perspective one could only think of the Funkiest producer I've known and do business with for sometime now. It's none of other than DIVINE DRUMMAH from Trenton NJ gearing up for his 3rd release of Instrumental albums, giving you a taste of his brand of Hip Hop dropping on Sunday July 15, 2018 on Bandcamp for digital release, and more digital platforms to be added . 



This a New release from rapper J-Blast feat. PitStop from a upcoming mixtape project -  #GpackVol2mixtape - dropping on Soundcloud next Friday 13th 

S/O to Saltillo MX, Manchester GB, Newquay GB, Tarragindi AU, Brisbane AU, Trenton NJ, Santiago CL, Tokyo JP,  Cleveland US, Philadelphia US, Trenton US, and Woodstock US. I must say I truly in all Honesty appreciate you All for Listening to that SCATTA R.Pee material. Continue to lend me your ears, and I'll do my part by providing that substance authentcness in Hip Hop music for your listening pleasure. Sincerely, S R.Pee *  




Hip Hop recording/ performing artist SCATTA R.Pee takes it back to the Street Team style of self promotion earlier today on the streets of Manhattan NY. S/O to All 5 boroughs & All of NY, Trenton NJ Respect * That NEW SCATTA R.Pee album is OTW !

Mobb Deep collaborates with Hamilton: An American Musical to bring you this Banger that's definitely dripping. Take ah listen !

The original release date for this visual is June 17, 2018. Directed & Shot by Top Notch Vizualz. 

Enjoy a day dedicated to the fellas *

Pushing the material, S/O to everybody over @ MP3WAXX #Respect *

Since the release of "Medicine" from SCATTA R.Pee there has been two additional release's as well , in which they're all produced by Divine Drummah. The first of the two is "Different Times" a song speaking on the changing times of life in general, as well as within the music industry, recorded at The TrackHouse Studios, Riverside NJ recorded, mixed, and mastered by B.Smith. The second of the two is "CMII" feat. Willie Dynamite which is actually the Chicken Mane remix, where Willie Dynamite was added to provide the missing ingredients that was needed. Recorded at PowerHouse Studios Hampton VA  recorded and mixed by DJ PowerHouse, mastered by Jmaine720 Orlando Fl. Available on All Streaming platforms.  The forthcoming album from hip hop recording/ performing artist SCATTA R.Pee is being released soon

It's finally ready for the world, the brand new official authentic single from SCATTA R.Pee  produced by DIVINE DRUMMAH off the forthcoming 5th studio project, Da Agriculture. Album release soon, though the single is slated for a December 19th release on OwnLane/ SpitaTainment/ BumGnang Records Llc., as well as All Digital Platforms (p)(c)2017.


DJ CAM is in fact a DJ / CEO to New Jersey's up and coming clothing line , JURZEECAT. Alongside Hip Hop recording/ performing artist/ CEO/ activist/ actor SCATTA R.Pee chopping it up on New things to come at the Culture Freedom of Poor Righteous Teacher's Birthday/ I Love the 80's Party down at South Rio Club in downtown Trenton NJ. DJ Plexx did his thing as well as a dope performance by the legendary Brand Nubian




Chuck Low, who played Morris (Morrie) Kesseler in Goodfellas alongside Robert De Niro, pasted away September 18 at a New Jersey nursing home, The New York Times reports. He was 89. Before he segued to acting, Low spent 30 years as a U.S. Army Reserve and eight years in the National Guard.







Tom Petty 66, was found unconscious and not breathing at all in his Malibu home Monday October 1, 2017. Known for being the lead singer and guitarist of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers whom in the 80's and 90's had countless hits from those numerous amount of albums they released. And in 2014 they released a album called, Hypnotic Eye which went on to be their 1st number one album.



It's been sometime now that Hip Hop recording/ performing artist SCATTA R.Pee has been grinding on the underground market or circuit. So it's only right to have some type of business sense or to be business efficient if you will for a better choice in words. So with that being the case SCATTA R.Pee has chosen to step back from performing the entire month of October to focus up on his forthcoming project by getting into the studio more, getting New visuals done via photo shoot as well as a few new videos. New merchandise on the way, and there's so much more, just was giving you and Close and Personal look into the thought process of Hip Hop recording/ performing artist SCATTA R.Pee as he embarks on the next steps in his musical career .

It's said to be more than 50 people killed and 200 injured when a lone gunman opened fire from a perch high up in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Sunday night, police said, making it the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.

The "nonstop gunfire," according to one witness, sent bystanders outside the resort on the Vegas strip ducking for cover and scrambling for their lives. Tourists hid in their hotel rooms and flights headed into the McCarran International Airport were held elsewhere.

Bystanders sprang into action, caring for the wounded and at least one described someone dying in their arms.

Police said a Las Vegas police officer who was off-duty attending the concert is among the dead. 64 year old Stephen Paddock has been identified as the shooter, acting alone as a lone wolf shooter sources say.


Playboy magazine owner and founder of the groundbreaking iconic magazine passed away at his Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles Ca., last night around family and friends. Can of his death, natural causes.


The Frost's are calling it quits as a couple though have agreed to and is doing a excellent job at Co-Parenting at this current moment. And with all that speculation surrounding their relationship with those cheating allegations on Kirk's behalf.

Officials in Puerto Rico say the destruction from Hurricane Maria has set the island back 20 to 30 years.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz says "people are starting to die" as the island awaits further help.

Power problems are coloring every aspect of Puerto Rico's hurricane recovery efforts.

At least 47 people have been killed in the Caribbean by Hurricane Maria.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz says Puerto Rico's humanitarian crisis is beginning to take a deadly toll on the island.


Black & Orange #Crown #King #Lion #HIM#HistoryInMaking $25 All Hoodies. All my customers have been satisfied. #Ship to U. $7.20 shipped in US. Inbox or 929-276-2560 NewYork, NY *

GIVE OR TAKE,  is the latest project from super funky producer DIVINE DRUMMAH scheduled for release on Halloween October 31, 2017 on Spitatainment Records. Make sure you get yo copy or copies mane.

Rockness AP on now straight Fyyah !

Tamar Braxton's back with a New album BLIND drops 09/29/2017  

Floyd Mayweather brand new mega home in out there, up in Beverly Hills Ca.



Ty’s Conscious Kitchen Alkaline Blueberry Pancakes Recipe From Foods On The Dr. Sebi Food List

Alkaline Blueberry Pancake Ingredients:

  • 2 cups spelt flour
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup spring water (optional)
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup agave
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 1 tsp. sea moss (I used Dr. Sebi’s Bromide Powder)
  • 2 tbsp. hemp seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon of grapeseed oil
  • All spice


  1. Add 2 cups of spelt flour to a mixing bowl
  2. Add 2 tbsp. of hemp seeds
  3. Add 1/2 cup of blueberries
  4. Add 1/2 cup of melted coconut oil
  5. Add 1/2 cup of agave for sweetness
  6. Add 1 tsp. of Dr. Sebi’s Bromide Powder Plus
  7. Dash off all spice
  8. Mix the batter together without the coconut milk. The coconut milk will solidify the coconut milk will solidify the coconut oil and cause lumps so you want to thoroughly mix the bater together before adding the milk.
  9. Add 1 cup of coconut milk after the batter has been mixed well
  10. If you prefer the batter to be thin add 1/2 cup of spring water
  11. Heat a skillet to 350 degrees
  12. Add 1/2 teaspoon of grapeseed oil to the skillet
  13. Add batter to the skillet and cook for around 3 minutes on each side


SCATTA R.Pee is heading back to the #studio aka his comfort zone to finish up his forthcoming project. Stay tune for more updates. 

In the Midst of Releasing #Brand New Material ( singles/ album ) SCATTA R.Pee decided to Re Visit the Get Money Anthem of 2013 with the RE RELEASE OF "CHICKEN MANE" '017 produced by DIVINE DRUMMAH off that previous sleeper of an album Da Powa Of Now, On OWNLANE/ SPITATAINMENT LLC.. Didn't want to leave any Dope Material (records) laying on the table ( getting serviced properly ), was the initial drive to Pull It Up ( bring it back ). - #new cover c/o #MAJESTY KING JAY !

Popular NBA reporter Mike Wise of The Undfeated hinted at a strong order that wasnt of sweat or funk. Wise claimed the Cavs locker room smelled of Marijuana. Flash back to year before Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving had a celebration which showed them smoking a blount. A few reporters also claimed that Kyrie eyes were very red and he seemed very chilled in the locker room.



New Material is OTW ( On The Way ) from OWNLANE/SPITATAINMENT'S OWN : SCATTA R.Pee "WAKE UP" , and SPITATAINMENT/ BUMGANG/ GET RIGHT'S OWN : FEED "WHO DA FUCK IS FEED" both singles are produced by the extremely talented DIVINE DRUMMAH. So with that being said, keep ya ears and eyes open for that Authenticness in Hip Hop from these selected few type of artists this Summer17. For Show Bookings/ Contact send inquires to : SCATTAUSA@GMAIL.COM


As one would imagine, the first game of the NBA Finals attracted some serious star power to Oakland's Oracle Arena to watch the Cavaliers battle it out with the Warriors. 

A couple of big names seen sitting courtside at the game were Jay Z and Kevin Hart, and it turns out they were on the same flight to the Bay Area as well. Naturally, the rap mogul and superstar comedian didn't fly commercial but instead hopped on a private jet.

Hart shared a photo to his Instagram Thursday which was taken aboard the jet and featured him and Hov raising a toast with a few other gentlemen in Jay Z's crew--Roc Nation's Emory Jones, Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith, and Juan "OG" Perez.

"#Family #NBAFINALS #liveloveandlaugh," Hart tagged the pic.

You can check it out above.


New material is on the horizon for SCATTA R.Pee and Divine Drummah as they engage to create sounds at the Soup Kitchen Studio's, in which the music 's to be released on Ownlane/ Spitatainment Records LLC. S/O to Bum Gang / Galafati Music Group / Respect Da Grind , DJ Father Ramzee , Sir Blody I Water Walkas , FEED , Ya Majesty King J, Nutt, Bakardi Blaq, DJ Rasheed, all hands on deck Disc Makers , Starlight PR , Top Mics  Mp3Waxx and More











Hip Hop recording artist SCATTA R.Pee is gearing up for his 4th in studio project release, all tracks are to be produced by producer DIVINE DRUMMAH out of New Jersey, Trenton to be exact. For this project SCATTA will provide more of those Gems you've come to kinda expect from this artist as well as some new concepts spreader throughout the material. You'll also get new merchandise, and new visuals to go along with this project and it's set to be released on Ownlane/ Spitatainment LLC., s/o to BUMGANG !






An Atlanta newswoman resigned from her position on Monday, May 1, after a Twitter user she reached out to for information on a video he had posted, exposed her for having used the n-word in the direct message she sent him.

11 Alive reporter Valerie Hoff contacted Curtis Rivers [user @curtfromdablock] after coming across a recording he tweeted on April 13, that she was interested in breaking as a news story. In the posting, Rivers acknowledged the attention the clip was receiving, by writing that a lot of "news n****s" had been hitting him up to inquire about the video. Hoff apparently read Rivers' remark before drawing up a text to shoot him, and decided to playfully incorporate his use of the slur on her own end.

"Please call this news n***a. Lol. I'm with 11alive," Hoff responded, sparking a brief exchange that started off in good spirits, before Rivers realized she was a white woman and took it some kind of way. "I just looked through your photos on twitter and realize u aren't black but called me a n***a," he'd reply minutes later. Having realized the inappropriate nature of her message, Hoff made an attempt at explaining that she was using the word to refer to herself, as one of the news reporters he told followers he was being pursued by. But Rivers wasn't having any of her rationale, looking past her apology to ask what number he could contact to reach her lawyer or manager.

“I just think it wasn’t right for her to use that word in regards to a person who is African-American on herself or use the word period for that matter. If she is bold enough to say it to me being an African-American then I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time she has used that word,” Rivers told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, concerning his exchange with Hoff. Hoff has continued to apologize for her choice of language.

11 Alive supervisor John Deushane has since released a statement in which he clarifies the publication's stand on the matter, and touches on how it was dealt with. "11 Alive does not tolerate any form of racial insensitivity and aggressively enforces our standard policies. We acted promptly to address this situation. Valerie Hoff has chosen to resign and apologizes for her actions. 11Alive is committed to treating the communities we serve with dignity and respect," said Deushane.


Eminem added two respected names in underground rap to his roster on Friday (March 3). The Detroit legend's Shady Records announced that they signed Westside Gunn and Conway to their roster.

An official press release from Eminem read, "The style and energy of Griselda Records, Gunn and Conway are infectious. We can’t wait to put them on the platform they have earned and deserve."

Westside Gunn also commented, saying, "We’re bringing a new sound to the game, but it’s also reminiscent of the grimey 90’s. Art is in everything we do… it’s the essence. We’re fusing boom-bap/dark sounds with the hipster cool kid lifestyle. A new lane is being carved.”

What do you think of Eminem's new artists?




Congrats are in order for reality TV star now Multi Million dollar recording artist Cardi B. We just got news that Cardi and Atlantic records agreed to a record deal worth north of 2 Million dollars. Cardi who rose to fame from her success on the hit TV show Love and Hip Hop “New York”. After signing her new record deal, Cardi announced she will no longer film or be on Love and Hip Hop. Cardi said she now wants to soley focus on her music career and the drama involved with the show takes away from that. Again congrats to Cardi B

Tru Life and Jim Jones' beef came to blows back in the day, but the two rappers have put their volatile past behind them. Tru Life posted a photo with Jim at the Roc Nation office on Instagram, which was captioned, "No caption needed @jimjonescapo @mrvicmedina #mogultree #readyornotherewecome."

Jim surprised fans after signing to Roc Nation earlier this year, given his history of dissing Jay Z on songs throughout his career. In a recent interview, Jim said that he hopes Jay hops on a song with him for his next album.

Check out the photo and caption up top.


Chance The Rapper is living the high life riding of his Grammy succes. The independent rapper took home 3 Grammys last week Sunday! Before his Grammy succes major labels were throwing $5 Million dollar advances his way to get the Independent rapper to sign with them. Well since his Grammy success the price has now doubled. Report we got is that Jay Z offered Chance $10 Million to sign with his Roc Nation label. Word is Jay Z sees Chance The Rapper as the next Kanye West but bigger! Reason being for Chance turning Jay Z and his $10 Million down you ask? Well lets just say this a a Entertainment Lawyer told us that $10 Million dollar deal in a 5 year span would ultimatley cost Chance $50-$75 Million or more in potential gross profits Chance would lose by giving his percentages up. One time for Chance for staying Independent and killing the game!

Drake recently took to Instagram to share an intruiging photo of him, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne. His caption is a simple: "Big 3." The 6 God also shared an image of just him and Nicki. View above.


Two sisters who earn a living as Instagram escorts were arrested for bullying and extorting a Nigerian billionaire.

Jyoti and Krian Matharoo, of Toronto, were arrested for threatening to expose Nigerian businessman Femi Otedola for cheating on his wife.


The Instagram stars have amassed a following of 50,000 on where they post sexy photos of themselves enjoying their lavish lifestyle.

The women are allegedly paid escorts who travel to the African continent to provide escort services to wealthy businessmen and oil tycoons. They are currently detained in Lagos in west Africa.

The Matharoo sisters are among a long list of women off who travel to Arica and the Middle East to provide escort services to wealthy oil tycoons.

Apparently business is slow.

After being extorted by the Matharoos in their on-going scam, the billionaire filed a complaint against the women, who were taken into custody on Dec. 23.

Police also found emails on laptops and smart phones belonging to the women. In the emails the women reportedly blackmail and extort money from other African men.


Former Destiny’s Child singer Latavia Roberson says her “bad divorce” from the 1990s girl group left her battling depression, alcoholism and drug addiction.

LaTavia along with LeToya Luckett were the original background singers for Beyonce Knowles and her play sister Kelly Rowland.


The group started out as classmates who formed a quartet that shot to fame with its second album, 1999’s The Writing’s on the Wall, featuring hits like “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say My Name”.

As the group soared to fame, Beyonce’s ego spiraled out of the control, and the backup singers clashed with group manager Mathew Knowles and his favored singers, Beyonce and Kelly.

LaTavia and LaToya were infamously dumped from the group in 2000, after they tried parting ways with Knowles. They only discovered they had been ousted from the group when the video for “Say My Name” was released, featuring new members Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin.

Franklin departed months later, leaving Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle to continue on as a trio, establishing the group as one of the most successful girl bands in pop history. They disbanded in 2006.

In an interview with People magazine to promote her upcoming memoir, I Am LaTavia, she recalls the deep depression that led her to drug and alcohol addictions.

“I never left Destiny’s Child,” she tells PEOPLE. “That is something that people say. But who would leave Destiny’s Child? That’s crazy! I was dismissed from the group.

“It was very difficult because of the way that I found out about it. I hate even talking about it, and it’s been 20 years – but it is what it is. We saw the ‘Say My Name’ video on TV, and that’s how I found out I was no longer in the group.”

She said her inability to cope with the rejection sent her on a downward spiral.

“It was almost like a bad divorce. You’re no longer with your friends, people that you love so much. So that was hard in itself, and then being by myself at that time, when other aspects starting taking a hold of me, it led me into a depression. And it wasn’t pretty…”

She adds, “There are a lot of things that I’ve gone through – molestation, dealing with alcoholism and drugs.”




According to TMZ, Tiny has filed for divorce from T.I. after six years of marriage. The famed celebrity couple share three children together, two boys and one girl, Heiress, who was born this March.

While details on the situation are scarce, TMZ reports that Tiny and T.I. had been going through some marital problems that started a couple of months before Tiny posed for a photo with Floyd Mayweather at Mariah Carey's Halloween party. The photo quickly started circulating online, as T.I. and Mayweather nearly came to blows in 2014 over pictures of Tiny and the boxer hanging out before one of his fights.

We'll be sure to update you on details as they become available.

Source: TMZ


J. Cole just finally wrapped up some intense touring on the back of his double-platinum record 2014 Forest Hills Drive and he is ready to release another album 4 Your Eyez Only. The LP will be released next week. In addition to the new album, he shared a 40-minute documentary about the process of making the album and previews some new music from it.

Picture of the General Two Chicken Dish

This #Dropped on Fri., 09/23/2016 *

Download/ Stream it here:

Hip Hop recording artist SCATTA R.Pee is about to release his latest project in the form of a mixtape. The title is :

25/8 the Mixtape Best of SCATTA R.Pee ], presented by Ownlane/ Spitatainment/ Bumgang/ in association w/ Galafati Music Group. It's walk through SCATTA R.Pee's music catalog from his 1st project to his must current, giving those who's not familiar w/ his sound a chance to get to know him musically. S/O to my home team FEED, Divine Drummah , Frank Brown , Willie Dynamite , Big Ragoo , Dov , Bakardi Black. The Town, 7- Cities VA , All of NYC , Cali , Mid- West , North West , all of the Dutty South ATL , Canada , the UK , Chia , Africa , Jamaica , World Wide. Respect to you ALL can't forget All Hoods , Salute * 





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