Chance The Rapper is living the high life riding of his Grammy succes. The independent rapper took home 3 Grammys last week Sunday! Before his Grammy succes major labels were throwing $5 Million dollar advances his way to get the Independent rapper to sign with them. Well since his Grammy success the price has now doubled. Report we got is that Jay Z offered Chance $10 Million to sign with his Roc Nation label. Word is Jay Z sees Chance The Rapper as the next Kanye West but bigger! Reason being for Chance turning Jay Z and his $10 Million down you ask? Well lets just say this a a Entertainment Lawyer told us that $10 Million dollar deal in a 5 year span would ultimatley cost Chance $50-$75 Million or more in potential gross profits Chance would lose by giving his percentages up. One time for Chance for staying Independent and killing the game!