SCATTA R.Pee - Artist, Writer, CEO


Scatta R.Pee is a founding member of Truth-or-Square out of Trenton NJ. For the last 9 years Scatta R.Pee began to set up the release of his brand of Hip-Hop Music. With five mix tapes under his belt, in the year 2009, he released his first solo album effort. Which was titled, Jawanda:E.C.M-Authenticness, on Ownlane/Spitatainment/Bumgang  Llc ℗©,  all tracks were produced by DIVINE DRUMMAH and executive produced by Scatta R.Pee.  A few years later, a new sophomore album entitled, Da Powa of Now, on Ownlane/ Spitatainment /Bumgang/DK Llc ℗©2013.  12 tracks were produced by Divine Drummah and 1 track was produced by Brian K. Smith, executive produced by SCATTA R.Pee. In March of 2014 Scatta R.Pee released another project called thee ORGANIC ep also released on Ownlane/ Spitatainment/Bumgang/ DK(p)(c), all tracks were produced by DIVINE DRUMMAH, and executive produced by SCATTA R.Pee.  From 2014 - 2016 Scatta R.Pee appeared on over 30 Mixtapes, in 2016 the 5th Mixtape was released, 25/8 the Mixtape Best of SCATTA R.Pee. The end of 2017 the single "MEDICINE"  was released which was the lead off for the release of Da Agriculture ep, on Ownlane/Spitatainment/Bumgang/DK(p)(c)2018. 5 tracks were produced by Divine Drummah, 1 was produced by ORIGINAL and executive produced by SCATTA R.Pee. 2020 and SCATTA R.Pee dropped a surprise project, 4 SEASONZ ep, all tracks were produced by DIVINE DRUMMAH, executive produced by SCATTA R.Pee, released on Ownlane/Spitatainment/Bumgang/DK(p)(c).Keep your ears and eyes on this trailblazer.