SCATTA R.Pee makes his "Rap Is Outta Control" debut on 10/14/18 Playlist (w/UllNevaNo & Mark Steele) coming in at #25. 1. Frank B. feat. Lil Fame "Don't Go" (prod. by Git Beats)2. Natural Elements "Feel" (prod. by HaydnDavies)3. Prayah feat. Toni Steelz "Bad Man Ting"4. Prestigious feat. Sadat X "Streets Gonna" (prod. by Chukk James)5. Flee Lord "Lord Talk 2 (Intro)" (prod. by godBLESSbeatz)6. Mark Steele "Its Been A Minute" (prod. by Jared Lacey)7. Conway "Piper" (prod. by Pete Rock)8. UllNevaNo x MANHE feat. yung d' the pilot "Girls II" (prod. by MANHE)9. Rez4Real feat. Skyzoo "Stick N Move" (prod. by Cookin' Soul)10. Elcamino feat. Benny & Meyhem Lauren "Shook"11. Freddie Black feat. Chelley Knight "Action Speaks" (prod. by Spliftout)12. Recognize Ali "Shooter 4 Hire" (prod. by Farma Beats)13. Ghostface KIllah feat. Benny The Butcher, KXNG Crooked & 38 Spesh "Buckingham Palace" (prod. by Big Ghost LTD)14. Rez4Real "Last Daze" (prod. by FATE)15. UllNevaNo x MANHE "Fight Klub Pool Table" (prod. by MANHE)16. Jamal Gasol "Capable" (prod. by Quis Star)17. Mark Steele feat. MONTANA "Big Dreams II" (prod. by Riot)18. UllNevaNo "63 in Boston" feat (illien Rosewell)19. Dave East and Styles P "For All My Niggas" (prod. by Scram Jones)20. Flee Lord feat. Crimeapple "Kill 'Em Wit The Wrist" (prod. by godBLESSbeatz)21. Ghostface Killah feat. L.A. The Darkman, Ras Kass, Chris Rivers & Harley "Cold Crush" (prod. by Big Ghost LTD)22. Tha God Fahim "Flame On" (prod. by C-Lance)23. Torae & Praise "Thats My Word" (prod. by Praise, cuts by Boogie Blind)24. SpiderDaGod feat. Recognize Ali "The Grendel" (prod. by Sultan Mir)*25. SCATTA R.Pee 'Medicine" (prod. by DIVINE DRUMMAH)*26. Chris Matic "Arrived" (prod. by Chris Matic)27. Napoleon Da Legend "Cradle to the Grave" (prod. by Djar One, cuts by DJ Safe)28. Rez4Real "Rap Politics" (prod. by Pryces)29. Torae & Praise "Start Godly" (prod. by Praise)30. UllNevaNo & Mark Steele Live Freestyle!31. Mark Steele feat. G. Yamazawa "Hop On In" (prod. by Skaz Digga)   ” - SCITTY MOB PROMOS


Audio: Scatta R.Pee - "Different Times"RRP: "Different Times," which is produced by Divine Drummah, is the second single off SCATTA R.Pee's forthcoming album Da Agriculture. Release date for the album will be announced soon.” - Steve Juon


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TRENTON, NJ – SCATTA R.Pee always looked up to his older cousin growing up.  Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey, he was born into a musical family – uncles who were members of Instant Funk, a father who was one of the top singers in the state, and a cousin who was signed to Atlantic Records under the name True Love. Of all the influences on his life, True Love was definitely the strongest. “I remember I used to steal his tapes and run up to the attic and play them over and over,” SCATTA said. “He caught me one time and I remember telling him that I was always watching him. His career was a big influence on me and when he did a record called ‘Love Rap Ballad,’ it was the first time I really saw how the music industry works.” From that moment forward, SCATTA pursued music as a career. He was a founding member of a group called TRUTH-OR SQ. out of Trenton and together they released a wide range of songs over the years. In 2009, after releasing five mixtapes, SCATTA released his first solo album. It was called “Jawanda ECM-Authenticness,” and was named after his older sister who also heavily influenced his music career. Since that time Scatta has released two other full albums and one mixtape. And today he’s preparing to releasing his fifth studio project, an album he’s calling “Da Agriculture.” Every song on the album is produced by Divine Drummah, and the sound throughout is one that not only nods to the early greats of hip-hop but also to Scatta’s unique sound and style. The first single from the album, “Medicine,” is a perfect example of how SCATTA is pushing the expectations from hip-hop by turning common conventions on their heads. “This song is basically about the need for hip-hop with substance to it,” he said. “It’s not the everyday radio song that you hear nonstop nowadays. It’s mid-temp with an East Coast feel. I suppose some people would say it has that progressive boom-bap sound, but it doesn’t sound like what’s on the radio today. The music I make is more of what you would hear on college radio or certain golden-era vibes. It’s relative because it speaks on issues that people are dealing with every day. Plus, it’s just good quality music. That’s what I was raised on and that’s why I gravitated to it when I created this.” SCATTA said he hopes that as people hear his music and get to know him as an artist, they’ll see a guy who is authentic and always stays true to his principles and convictions. He admits that he’ll likely never be the artist who makes music born from the trends of the day. He will, however, always deliver head-bobbing music that has a story or strong lyrical content. It may be comical, historical, relational or even just something to party to – but every time it will be something that listeners can grab onto and take something from it. To listen to Scatta’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit: www.scattarpee.com ” - Upcoming 100 Staff

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The first single from the album, “Medicine,” is a perfect example of how SCATTA is pushing theexpectations from hip-hop by turning common conventions on their heads.” - Lady Thriller


He will however, always deliver head-bobbing music that has a story or strong lyrical content.” - DJ SMOKE


  Hi I can listen to Chicken Mane over and over again, I hope never lose that marvel of listening! See you on the billboard top 100 charts!” - Terry

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New Jersey Rapper Scatta R.Pee releases his "Best Of" mixtape. Over the years he has released several records, most of which ended up on several compilations and mixtapes. Follow Scatta @ Twitter: @SCATTARPee, Instagram: @scattatatt, SnapChat: @scatta11 Download Mixtape @” - Galafati

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The self-proclaimed boom bap single receives more-than-hard deliveries from Scatta RPee, but also soulful jazz productions courtesy of Divine Drummah. Combining '70s samples and jazz, Divine Drummah comes close somewhere between the heart of a 9th Wonder instrumental, but still carving out his own lane with a modern arrangement that ends with an a cappella.   Tall Up" by Scatta RPee Producer: Divine Drummah (@DivineDrummah)” - Erin Lowers

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